Sunday, October 7, 2007

Home Grown Leadership

So, I have had this idea running around in my head for a few weeks now and it looks like I my get a chance to flush it out soon. Once I am done with some meetings on the 17th of this month, I am going to sit and write.

One of things I need to write is my children's book. I have this great idea, but am not sure how to go about writing it. Oh well, I will play with it later.

Another idea that I need to start working on is my first book. This will be a long term project, but one that needs to be written soon before someone else does!

However, I think the first idea I will work out is about leadership, church leadership in particular. I have a sneaking suspicion the church is failing when it comes to its choice of leaders. Hopefully I can get this article fleshed out by the end of the month...Ha!

Failed Attempts

While at lunch today I recounted my attempts to return to some form of vocational ministry. This year I have looked into being:

1. A church planter
2. A self supported staff pastor
3. A chaplain
4. A Bible college Dean and faculty member.

So far, three out of the four have fallen through for various reasons:

1. -------------------
2. -------------------
3. -------------------
4. A Bible college Dean and faculty member.

Well, at least there is still one left. I also have nearly three months before the year runs out to try something else. Professional blogger or freelance writer will not top my list.